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MMF Contract Amendment 8 signature

On 20 January 2020, following almost six month of preparations, the OCCAR-EA Director, Matteo Bisceglia, and the AIRBUS Defence&Space representatives, Mr Didier Plantecoste and Mr Hervé Daumas, signed the MMF Contract-Amendment No. 8 in Getafe, Spain.

A moment during the signature of the Contract Amendment 8. From left to right: Didier Plantecoste, Matteo Bisceglia, OCCAR Director& Hervé Daumas, Airbus DS. ©OCCAR

"The joining of the Czech Republic shows again the success of the MMF programme that now counts with  six participating states, thanks to all involved stakeholders, EDA, NSPA, industry and of course, OCCAR" the OCCAR Director said.

Contract Amendment 8 signature event, from left to right: Colonel Miloslav Synek (CZE), Angel Saiz-Padilla (NSPA), Colonel David Klement (CZE), Matteo Bisceglia (OCCAR Director), Brigadier-General  Petr Čepelka (CZE) and Philippe Bourlard (OCCAR MMF Programme Manager) in front of a MMF Aircraft © Airbus. 

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