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The launching ceremony of the Italian FREMM Spartaco Schergat, another significant milestone for the FREMM programme in the framework of the joint Italian-French cooperation programme managed by OCCAR, was held on 26th January 2019 at the FINCANTIERI integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso.

Under the supervision of the OCCAR FREMM Programme Division and the Italian Naval Directorate (NAVARM), the FREMM programme is moving quickly toward completion, given the tenth and last Frigate, Emilio Bianchi, will be launched within a year.

The ninth FREMM frigate has been named after Spartaco Schergat, an Italian military frogman during World War II.

Italian  FREMM Frigate Spartaco Schergat  ©OCCAR.

Mrs. Anna Rosa Aonzo Grillo, daughter of Giuseppe Aonzo, a recipient of the Gold Medal of Military Valour during World War I, was the Godmother of the ceremony. 

The Schergat frigate was launched with combat systems and platform equipment installed and integrated on board. She will now be moved to the Fincantieri’s shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia), from where she will undergo her first sea going in June. The ship will be delivered to Italian Navy in early 2020, after the completion of outfitting activities.

Italian FREMM Spartaco Schergat ©OCCAR

The launching of Schergat, a General Purpose version of the FREMM frigate, was conducted in accordance with scheduled timescales and represents another major success of OCCAR’s programme management, proving its ability to overcome technical, design and construction challenges, in tandem with the positive involvement of the French and Italian Naval Directorates.