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26. November 2017

ITS CARLO BERGAMINI – Combat System functional integration tests completed

On 26th November 2012, after a very challenging two months, the Italian Frigate “Carlo BERGAMINI” (FOC GP) successfully completed in Taranto Naval Base, a very tight programme, agreed during the RPR (Reception Partielle Review) held in July 2012, to integrate the Combat System (C/S) sub-systems within the Combat Management System (CMS). In addition, several contractually due qualification tests were carried out, in order to prove the effectiveness of the whole Combat system of the ship and to reach a sufficient level of maturity required by the IT Navy before the final acceptance of the ship.

This intensive phase involved a very demanding technical programme, lasting from 17th September to 26th November, where many qualification and acceptance activities were performed, involving the full support of Italian Navy external assets, such as AV-8B, surface combatant ships, SH90 and EH101 helicopters.

The already outstanding training level shown by the ITS BERGAMINI crew, along with the great skill and knowledge offered by MARICENPROG, the Italian Navy Programming Centre for CMS development and C/S integration, gave a decisive help in the integration activity onboard. In just 70 days, one hundred C/S functional integration tests were successfully carried out as well as another hundred sea and harbour acceptance tests.

The successful completion of these complex and meaningful tests emphasizes the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Combat System and highlights the level of readiness of the Frigate that accomplished a decisive step towards its final delivery to the Italian Navy.