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31. October 2014

Italian FREMM: Temporary Global Support services started

The Italian FREMM First of Class General Purpose frigate Carlo Bergamini successfully completed the Final Warranty Works Review at the end of October 2014. This followed a year of operational activity including a six months overseas deployment.

Italian Navy Ship Carlo Bergamini

On the 31st October, the Temporary Global Support (TGS) started which will provide support services for 18 “ship-years” to the first six Italian frigates with strong synergy between the Italian Navy and Industry. These support services include Configuration Management, Field Engineering and Materiel Management.
The TGS preparation was performed by the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division and governmental and industrial stakeholders since 2012 including the field analysis and plans definition.
In April 2014, the “Deployment phase” for the support services started, consisting of the acquisition of the tools and the enlargement and strengthening of the logistic facilities. 
In order to achieve the demanding availability requirements, an innovative approach to the design of supportability of the Italian FREMM frigates and to the development and sizing of the associated support system has been devised. The FREMM TGS is a Contract-for-Availability programme.
In order to achieve the above goals, the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division, the Italian Navy and Industry conceived apposite availability models, taking into account the Italian Navy operational scenarios (peace, crisis, war), operational missions and associated operational assets, human factors and onboard configuration.
To support the above models, the appropriate tools to evaluate and measure the actual availability of the frigates during the TGS period and the Life Cycle Costs have been conceived and developed.

OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Manager Leonardo Bianchi, Capt. Daniele Dotti and Mr. Sergio Mazza at the FWWR completion event

The TGS Italian FREMM Programme, and associated innovative and challenging processes and requirements, put the Italian Navy and Italian industry at the cutting edge of naval system in service support as a result of the importance placed on logistic issues to reduce cost and improve effectiveness of the Fleet.

Staff from the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division, the Italian Navy and Industry in front of the Carlo Bergamini