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24. April 2015

Italian Court of Auditors on board of FREMM Carabiniere

Representatives of the “Corte dei Conti” (Italian Court of Auditors) attended the last session of sea trials on board of the Italian FREMM frigate “Carabiniere” on 24th of April 2015. Several of the equipment has been tested under operational conditions in order to check the readiness of the ship.
During the sea trials the crew carried out various manoeuvres demonstrating to the “Corte dei Conti” the performance of the ship in terms of manoeuvrability, sea going, steering and operational readiness.
The crew also conducted some exercises simulating failures of different systems in order to assess the capabilities of the automated system to neutralize threats and to prepare counteraction to unpredictable issues.
At the end of the day the representatives of “Corte dei Conti” received a full insight into the new and advanced warship in operation at sea, the high level of complexity and automation and the state of art of technology on board, giving the auditors a different perspective on naval audit subjects.

FREMM PM with representatives of “Corte dei Conti”, NAVARM Director, Italian Navy representatives and Industry representatives on the flight deck of FREMM Carabiniere