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25. January 2017

Increased cooperation between OCCAR, EATC and EDA

On Thursday, 25 January 2018, the Director of OCCAR signed a Letter of Intent concerning the joint optimisation and development of the A400M capability within the remit of EATC with the EATC Commander, MG Pascal Chiffoleau and the EDA CE, Mr Jorge Domecq at EATC headquarters in Eindhoven.

With this signature the three organisations confirm their willingness to enhance synergies and avoid duplication of efforts. Increased cooperation ensures the most cost effective use of the A400M aircraft and enables its successful multinational operation.

The three partners intend to reinforce their cooperation in the areas of common interest, and in particular with a focus on the A400M capability. They will also explore possibilities to efficiently utilise future air transport over-capacities and will jointly facilitate the optimisation and development of the A400M capability.

This is a perfect example of joint collaborative efforts between three multinational organisations to achieve efficient European air transport.