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Important FSAF-PAAMS contract amendment signed

In the frame of the Sustainment & Enhancement (S&E) Phase of the FSAF-PAAMS Programme, OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree signed Amendment 1 to the S&E Contract on the 20th December 2016. With this Amendment, Italy and the UK confirmed their commitment to join France in this new Phase.

Amendment 1 to the S&E Contract incorporates not only the entry of Italy into the development of ASTER 30 B1NT ammunition and the SAMP/T system modernisation programmes, it also integrates all three nations (FR,IT & UK) into the Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) and extension Programme for the existing Aster 15 and Aster 30 Munitions.

Michel Vigneras (CEO EUROSAM), Tim Rowntree (OCCAR Director) and Fulvio Bellassai (OCCAR FSAF-PAAMS Programme Manager)

This significant new development Programme will primarily increase the capability of the SAMP/T system against ballistic missile threats. The PAAMS(E) system will also benefit from an initial study that will prepare for the modernisation of the PAAMS Systems and also address anti-ship ballistic missile emerging threats.
Furthermore, the new development programme will maintain the SAMP/T and PAAMS systems as the leading European medium range surface to air missile systems and anti-tactical ballistic missile capability.

Signature of Amendment 1 to the S&E contract is another important step in the continuing collaboration between France, Italy and the UK that has already lasted more than 20 years.

Tim Rowntree and Michel Vigneras signing the contract amendment

Contract amendment celebration event