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FREMM MARCEGLIA - Final Official Acceptance: The 8th FREMM delivered to the Italian Navy

On 16 April, the Italian FREMM frigate “MARCEGLIA” was delivered by OCCAR to the Italian Navy. The ceremony at Muggiano shipyard (La Spezia) was attended by the OCCAR FREMM Programme Manager, the Italian Programme Committee Representative Vice Admiral Matteo Bisceglia, Director of the Italian Naval Directorate and by Vice Admiral Edoardo Serra, Chief of the IT Navy Logistic Command and Q&A Committee Chairman. Industry was represented by the Orizzonte Sistemi Navali CEO and senior managers from Fincantieri and Leonardo companies.

The Italian Ship (ITS) Marceglia is the 8th FREMM frigate delivered to the Italian Navy and the fourth General Purpose version. The 9th ship (ITS “Schergat”) was launched last January and is now in the final testing and outfitting phase (with delivery expected in March 2020). The 10th and last Italian FREMM “Bianchi” will be launched in January 2020. All ships previously delivered are currently managed by OCCAR in their “In Service Support” phase.


The NAVARM Director and other speakers from the Italian Navy and Industry emphasised the extraordinary success achieved by industry with the fourth warship delivery on time and without any uncompleted activity. The warship is ready immediately, to join the high seas operating fleet and can be employed in the real operational theatre. This outstanding result was achieved thanks to the great synergy between Industry, NAVARM and the Italian Navy underpinned by the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division.

"The FREMM Programme drew, indeed, an incredible line of success in the management of great Defence Programmes" the NAVARM Director underlined in his speech, with particular emphasis on the cooperation and the excellent team working with the French colleagues, enhancing the will to further broaden this partnership, since in the future collaborative programmes will be the only way to develop complex and high performing systems both from technical and financial point of view.

The ITS “MARCEGLIA”, named after the highly decorated Navy Engineer Lt. Colonel who led a number of heroic assault actions during World War II, performed an interesting sea going for her special guests on 15 April. Taking advantage of good weather conditions, a brief demonstration of her capabilities was given in the Poets Gulf.