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25. June 2014

Formal handover of first Netherlands BOXER vehicle to the customer

The Medical Company of the 13th NL Brigade formally received the first NL BOXER armoured vehicle, an Ambulance version, on 25 June 2014. The Director of the NL Defence Materiel Organisation delivered the vehicle symbolically to the operational user by handing over a wrench that serves as emergency opener for the rear door. Afterwards, the guests watched a demonstration of the significant differences between the NL old ambulance (a tracked vehicle more than 30 years old) and the newly delivered BOXER ambulance.

Symbolic hand-over of first NL BOXER

The Netherlands BOXERs are built at the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV NL) plant in Ede, the Netherlands. The Chief Executive Officer of Rheinmetall AG, Mr. Papperger mentioned in his speech that the BOXER was not only a good example of cooperating industrial companies (Kraus Maffei Wegman also builds BOXERs), but RMMV also makes a significant contribution to the local economy in Ede.

The Netherlands BOXER Ambulance

The OCCAR Deputy Director, Mr. Eric Huybrechts, explained the history of the BOXER from 1993 onwards and how it was integrated into OCCAR in early 2001. BOXER had served as a perfect example of OCCAR as a management and procurement organisation for defence equipment. He thanked users, national procurement and test organisations, the BOXER industry consortium ARTEC and industrial partners and the OCCAR BOXER Programme Division in particular in achieving this important milestone for European cooperation. Looking at its capabilities, the BOXER vehicle clearly demonstrates what European cooperation can achieve when the right will and right conditions are present. The BOXER is the state of the art multi role armoured vehicle, the best of its class in the world. With its robustness, extreme mobility, extensive armour protection and many other high-level qualities the BOXER offers lots of possibilities for operational use, but above all will keep our soldiers safe.

OCCAR Deputy Director Eric Huybrechts

The NL National Armament Director, Mr. Lex Hendrichs, was pleased to receive the BOXERs from OCCAR and expressed that with the BOXER as example, international cooperation on large scale armament programmes should be further promoted. Such programmes should by preference be managed by an agency such as OCCAR in order to significantly save on cost and effort.

The user, represented by Brigadier-general Gino van der Voet (Director for Training and Operations RNLA), emphasized that as the 13th Brigade is transferred from a mechanised to a motorised brigade, the BOXER is very welcome and arrives at the right moment. It will enable the Royal Netherlands Army to further develop their operational capabilities in the new setup. The qualities of the BOXER, safer, faster, comfortable, high-tech and reliable, provide the trust the soldiers need during operations and this will ensure they return home safely.

The Netherlands BOXER Ambulance

During the vehicle demonstration Sergeant-Major Ineke Willemse of the Medical Company addressed the significant differences between their old ambulance and the BOXER ambulance. The BOXER has a lot more space to treat patients, it can carry additional medical equipment within the vehicle and the climate control system makes working in the BOXER very comfortable.

The Netherlands BOXER Ambulance - new capabilities