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28. April 2015

Carabiniere’s Final Official Acceptance: another FREMM delivered to the Italian Navy

On 28th April 2015, , the fourth Italian FREMM frigate “Carabiniere”, named in honour of the “Carabinieri” Armed Force’s Corps, was delivered by OCCAR to the Italian Navy. The ceremony at the La Spezia shipyard was attended by the OCCAR Director and senior Italian Navy and Fincantieri staff.

Signature of the delivery documents

The delivery of this warship, which is the third in Anti Submarine Warfare version, occurred almost one year after its launching. Including Carabiniere, four ships have now been delivered to the Italian Navy within two years, with two ships already in the In Service Support phase. The high quality level and smooth acceptance process achieved are essentially a result of the experience gained with the delivery of the three previous frigates, clearly demonstrating that the lessons learnt have been captured and effectively implemented in the construction processes.

Exchange of gifts between OCCAR Director and Commander Saladino (Carabiniere’s Commanding Officer)

The accomplishment of the timely Carabiniere delivery is further evidence of the continuous improvement of the OCCAR procurement process, with the OCCAR interface giving a high degree of flexibility to the relationship between governmental and industrial stakeholders. The Development and Production of the FREMM frigates remains a success story in terms of the management of complex defence systems.

FREMM Programme Division team with OCCAR Director, Italian Navy authorities and Industry representatives