First launch of ASTER 30 missile from a FREMM Frigate

On 22 November at 11:10 a.m., the Italian FREMM frigate Bergamini successfully carried out the first ASTER 30 firing of the FREMM Programme. The firing took place at the PISQ facility in Easter Sardinia, which is the Italian Joint Firing Range.
The OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division is procuring 10 FREMM Frigates on behalf of the Italian Navy with deliveries ongoing until 2021.
The first qualification firing has been conducted in autonomous mode with the Italian SAAM ESD (Surface Anti Air Missile, Extended Self Defence) system, to the full satisfaction of the Italian Navy. The next launch, which will be in integrated mode, is planned for April 2017.
ASTER missile
The Italian FREMM Anti Air Warfare Capability based on the SAAM ESD provides both Self Defence and Extended Self Defence, guaranteeing protection also to consort ships through their 16 ASTER missiles (ASTER 15 or ASTER 30).
The firing was conducted using an instrumented telemetry missile (procured by the OCCAR-EA FSAF-PAAMS Programme Division) that confirmed the outstanding capabilities of the SAAM ESD against missiles simulated by a Mirach 100/5 target.
Within such a complex scenario, the whole mission was conducted on time and to a meticulous schedule, proving also the great cooperation among PISQ, the IT Navy personnel, the OCCAR-EA FREMM and FSAF-PAAMS Programme Divisions and the Industries involved.
ITS (Italian Ship) Bergamini just after the launch

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