The fourth French ASW FREMM frigate “Auvergne” starts sea trials and the fifth French FREMM “Bretagne” was launched

On 26th September 2016, the fourth of class French Navy’s ASM (Anti-Submarine Warfare) FREMM multi-mission frigate “Auvergne” successfully completed its first sea going in Lorient.

During this first trial at sea, which involves industrial teams led by DCNS, the French Navy crew, the French defence procurement agency (DGA) and OCCAR FREMM Programme Division, the main objective is to test the performance of the frigate's propulsion and navigation system.
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It is highlighted that the FREMM “Auvergne” will benefit from a significant reduction in the duration of its sea trials compared to the previous FREMM frigates: six weeks in total instead of eight to nine for the previous ships. This optimised trial duration illustrates the transition to “series mode” for the FREMM Programme due to the capitalisation acquired with the FREMM frigates already delivered and the great synergy between the Participating States, OCCAR FREMM Programme Division and Industry.

The delivery of the “Auvergne” frigate is planned by mid-2017.
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The start of sea trials for “Auvergne” takes place in the context of intense activities for the FREMM Programme and just a few days following the launch of “Bretagne” frigate, which occurred on 16th September 2016 under the supervision of OCCAR FREMM Programme Division and the French defence procurement agency (DGA). The construction of the “Bretagne”, the fifth ship in the French Navy’s FREMM ASW class, began in October 2013 and DCNS and its subcontractors will continue the assembly and integration of various systems over the coming months, including the Combat Management System. The delivery of the “Bretagne” frigate is planned by mid-2018.

Three FREMM frigates have now been delivered to the French Navy (“Languedoc” being the last one delivered in March 2016) and four other ships, including “Auvergne” and “Bretagne” frigates”, are currently at different stages of assembly and construction at DCNS Lorient shipyard.

FREMM frigates are extensively armed and are equipped with the most capable weapon systems and equipment, such as the Héraclès multifunction radar, the Naval Cruise Missile, the Aster and Exocet MM40 missiles or the MU 90 torpedoes.
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