COBRA – The World's Most Advanced Weapon
Locating System

French COBRA system
Location of weapon systems, registration and adjustment of friendly firings, creation of battlefield data, communication with battle forces - COBRA is a singularly effective force on the battlefield, performing rapidly and accurately.
COBRA (COunter Battery RAdar) is a cooperative long-range battlefield radar programme between Germany and France. COBRA radar systems are in service since 2005 and deliveries were completed in 2007. A common support in the In-Service phase has been implemented. The OCCAR-EA COBRA Programme Division manages the In-Service Support Phase.
German COBRA system
COBRA is considered to be the world's most advanced land based weapon locating system, comprising a high performance radar, advanced processing and an integrated, flexible command, control and communication system. The design includes state-of-the-art digital processing and an advanced active, solid-state phased array antenna comprising several thousand transmit/receive modules.
The COBRA mission is to locate mortars, rocket launchers and artillery batteries and to provide information for countering their effectiveness. With a detection range of 40 km and a coverage of 1,600 km2 COBRA is capable of locating and classifying up to 40 batteries in two minutes. It will also be able to monitor breaches of cease-fire when deployed in a peace-keeping role.

COBRA Participating States

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