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The BOXER is an 8x8 all terrain heavily-armoured utility vehicle that is produced in nine different vehicle variants.

The BOXER Programme provides the German and The Netherlands Armies with a new generation of all terrain armoured utility vehicles. BOXER includes balanced capabilities of transport-capacity, mobility, protection, survivability, growth potential and efficient life cycle costs. BOXER can operate in high intensity conflicts, in rapid reaction peace support and in humanitarian operations worldwide, offering improved capabilities and higher levels of performance and protection than other vehicles on the market.

In December 2006, OCCAR placed the contract for series production of 272 vehicles for Germany and 200 vehicles for The Netherlands with ARTEC GmbH - a consortium formed by Krauss Maffei Wegmann (GE), Rheinmetall Landsysteme (GE) and Rheinmetall Nederland (NL), the former Stork PWV. The BOXER is delivered to Germany in four different vehicle versions, and is delivered to The Netherlands in five different vehicle versions.

The concept of a drive module and an exchangeable mission module makes it a flexible military vehicle, thus ensuring a maximum strategic and tactical deployability in a wide range of operational scenarios. The unique modular concept of the BOXER offers major opportunities for developing new vehicle variants.

The vehicle prototypes were undergoing an extensive qualification programme. The first series production vehicle was delivered to Germany in September 2009. Germany started operating BOXER in Afghanistan in August 2011, very much to their satisfaction. The first Netherlands BOXER was delivered in August 2013.
A contract for delivery of a second batch of 131 BOXER to Germany was awarded in December 2015.
Lithuania joined the BOXER Programme in August 2016 to procure 88 BOXER in an Infantry Fighting Vehicle version.

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