The Next Generation of Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile Systems

Famille des systèmes Surface-Air Futurs – Famiglia dei sistemi Superficie-Aria Futuri. On the 26th October 1988, French and Italian Defence Ministers signed the Memorandum of Understanding of a bilateral cooperation for the development of a surface to air anti missile system family – FSAF.

Phase 1 (Feasibility) of the programme is now complete. Phase 2 (Development) is nearing completion. Phase 3 (Production, firing section deliveries to the customer) continues and Phase 4 (In service support) is ongoing in accordance with the 2012 awarded contract.
PAAMS Munitions
Principal Anti Air Missile Systems are new weapon systems based on common elements developed in the frame of the FSAF programme. The weapon system capability provides agile, rapid reaction “self defence", "local and "naval area" defence Maritime capabilities for: the FR/IT Horizon frigate and the UK Type 45 destroyer. OCCAR manages the munition procurement programme for the Land and Maritime systems on behalf of the Participating States to achieve greater, cost effective economies of scale.

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